Why You Must Keep an Eye on Your Inter­net Reputation

Man Checking Fresh Reputation MonitoringATTN Busi­nesses: If you’re not using rep­u­ta­tion mon­i­tor­ing to keep track of your Inter­net rep­u­ta­tion, then you may not real­ize how badly your brand is being attacked online.

  • Do you know what cus­tomers are say­ing about you online?
  • Are you aware of how many neg­a­tive com­ments have been posted about your business?
  • Do you know how those neg­a­tive com­ments are impact­ing your bot­tom line?
  • Are you unsure how to remove neg­a­tive mes­sages so that oth­ers don’t see them?

These days, the Inter­net can be an extremely volatile place for neg­a­tive com­ments, reviews and tes­ti­mo­ni­als about businesses.

If you’re not keep­ing a watch­ful eye over what peo­ple are say­ing, then those com­ments could be snow­balling into a firestorm of neg­a­tive sen­ti­ment for your brand.

In fact, even just one bad review can have seri­ous con­se­quences once it’s posted online for mil­lions of peo­ple to discover:

- Sig­nif­i­cant decrease in traf­fic to your web­site
– Fewer leads gen­er­ated; fewer calls to your busi­ness
– Drop in sales rev­enue – imme­di­ate and long-term
– A tar­nished brand rep­u­ta­tion that could take years to fix

This is why more and more busi­nesses are using rep­u­ta­tion mon­i­tor­ing from a pro­fes­sional rep­u­ta­tion man­age­ment com­pany. When imple­mented cor­rectly, these rep­u­ta­tion sys­tems allow busi­nesses to not only mon­i­tor their Inter­net rep­u­ta­tion but also take steps toward improv­ing it.

Why You Need Rep­u­ta­tion Monitoring

Sadly, too many busi­nesses assume they don’t need rep­u­ta­tion mon­i­tor­ing because “the prob­lem will work itself out” in the long term.

This couldn’t be more false.

Dam­ag­ing Inter­net com­ments can have a seri­ously last­ing effect on busi­nesses. Neg­a­tive reviews don’t go away. They con­tinue to build. And, if the busi­ness doesn’t actively clean up that mes­sag­ing, it becomes even more dif­fi­cult to remove in the long term

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how your online rep­u­ta­tion could be dam­aged when you don’t use rep­u­ta­tion services:

1. It starts with one bad com­ment.
Let’s say that a cus­tomer has a bad expe­ri­ence with your busi­ness. It doesn’t mat­ter whose fault it was or whether the issue was later resolved. This cus­tomer was so furi­ous, he decided to write a scathing review about you in an online forum.

2. Harsh terms are instantly attached to your busi­ness.
The angry cus­tomer used words like “Ripped off” and “Don’t trust them!” – which become instantly asso­ci­ated with your brand name, able to be found by any­one online. Worse yet, that review will prob­a­bly stay on the Inter­net forever.

3. It spreads like wild­fire.
That sin­gle com­ment gets shared across other forums and on social media sites like Face­book. Before long, thou­sands of peo­ple have seen those harsh words attached to your business.

4. Google finds it and puts it in search results.
This is where it gets really bad. The major search engines dis­cover the angry review (and all the buzz about it) with their auto­mated Web crawlers. The review gets indexed by Google auto­mat­i­cally and then appears promi­nently in its search results.

5. When peo­ple search for your busi­ness, they see the bad stuff.
Now, when­ever any­one searches for your busi­ness in Google or for key­words related to your prod­ucts, they see those neg­a­tive com­ments and instantly lose trust in you. Accord­ingly, they don’t visit your web­site, and they shop some­where else instead.

If you pre­vi­ously received a lot of organic traf­fic from search engines, those num­bers begin to drop dramatically.

As more peo­ple see those neg­a­tive search results, the entire pub­lic per­cep­tion of your busi­ness begins to change, and it begins to hurt your rev­enue too. For larger busi­nesses, this dam­age can amount to mil­lions of dol­lars in losses – all result­ing from the com­ments that angry cus­tomers posted online.

If you had been using rep­u­ta­tion mon­i­tor­ing, all of this could have been prevented.


Start Mon­i­tor­ing your Online Rep­u­ta­tion today.

FreshRep­u­ta­tion can help you keep a watch­ful eye on your online rep­u­ta­tion while also clean­ing up the terms that are hurt­ing your business.

Our pro­pri­etary rep­u­ta­tion mon­i­tor­ing tech­nol­ogy helps busi­nesses con­trol the mes­sag­ing that appears about their brand in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Devel­oped by the SEO experts at FreshRank­ings, our rep­u­ta­tion sys­tems effec­tively remove neg­a­tive search sug­ges­tions by aggres­sively pro­mot­ing pos­i­tive con­tent for your business.

Month after month, we mon­i­tor the major search engines for neg­a­tive terms that are being attached to your busi­ness. We take snap­shots of these results to iden­tify which areas to tar­get, while keep­ing you informed on progress.


  • Heavy pro­mo­tion of pos­i­tive con­tent for your business
  • Neg­a­tive com­ments are removed from sight in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Ongo­ing rep­u­ta­tion mon­i­tor­ing and cus­tomized repair strategies
  • Fresh­Metrics™ ana­lyt­ics sys­tem lets you mon­i­tor results and dates when terms are cleared up
  • Based on pro­pri­etary tech­nol­ogy devel­oped by our US-based SEO firm

Our strate­gies have helped busi­nesses restore their Inter­net rep­u­ta­tion while also dra­mat­i­cally increas­ing their web­site traf­fic and profits.

Take action now to see how our rep­u­ta­tion mon­i­tor­ing can help pro­tect your busi­ness from harm­ful Inter­net messaging.

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