Pro­tec­tion From Harm­ful Inter­net Reviews

In recent years, brand rep­u­ta­tion has become a much more urgent focus at busi­nesses across the globe as the Inter­net has become a volatile place for dam­ag­ing mes­sag­ing about cor­po­rate entities.

Social media, forums, and review sites have made it eas­ier than ever for Inter­net users to leave nasty, scathing reviews of your business.

Picture of man upset with brand reputationEven just one bad com­ment can tar­nish people’s per­cep­tion of:

- ➜ Your prod­ucts
– ➜ Your ser­vices
– ➜ Your cus­tomer ser­vice staff
– ➜ Your exec­u­tive teams
– ➜ Your entire brand

In today’s Wild Wild Web, busi­nesses of all sizes, in all indus­tries, must take a proac­tive approach to main­tain­ing their brand rep­u­ta­tion.

How One Neg­a­tive Com­ment Can Kill Your Brand Reputation

Even if your company’s track record is clean as a whis­tle, or you spend mil­lions to main­tain the best cus­tomer ser­vice pos­si­ble, your brand can still be attacked online. And when it is, you could be hit with seri­ous consequences:

  • Drop in sales volume
  • Decreased traf­fic to your website
  • Fewer leads from your mar­ket­ing efforts
  • And most impor­tantly: a ruined brand rep­u­ta­tion that could aggra­vate these prob­lems for years to come.

In the days before search engines, prospec­tive cus­tomers had to do seri­ous research to dig up neg­a­tive tes­ti­mo­ni­als about dif­fer­ent busi­nesses. Or, they sim­ply relied on word of mouth.

Today, find­ing neg­a­tive mes­sag­ing about a busi­ness takes only a few clicks. In less time than it takes to read this sen­tence, your prospec­tive cus­tomers can search for you on Google, see a neg­a­tive review in the results and choose to visit a competitor’s site instead.

It’s not just one lost oppor­tu­nity, either. This sit­u­a­tion presents a very seri­ous prob­lem that is killing your entire com­pany reputation.


Here’s how:

  • Let’s say there is only bad review of your busi­ness online. (Note: Well known brands can have hun­dreds or even thou­sands of neg­a­tive mes­sages about them.)
  • That sin­gle bad review may seem harm­less. But when peo­ple search for your busi­ness in Google, it’s show­ing up very high in the results.
  • Hun­dreds of peo­ple search for your busi­ness every day. But now that the bad review is so vis­i­ble, you’re los­ing about 40% of those users who have instantly lost their trust in you.
  • A loss in traf­fic leads to a direct loss in rev­enue. Plus, many of those users are left with a bad feel­ing about your busi­ness, even if they don’t remem­ber exactly why.
  • Those lost cus­tomers are less likely to do busi­ness with you in the future, and they may even tell oth­ers they have heard bad things about your company.

Do you see how eas­ily your brand rep­u­ta­tion can be tar­nished, sim­ply from one neg­a­tive message?

Now, imag­ine a more likely sce­nario of hav­ing dozens or hun­dreds of other harm­ful sug­ges­tions in those search results. Your Inter­net rep­u­ta­tion may be hurt­ing your busi­ness more than you think.


Man protecting his plant

Pro­tect Your Brand Rep­u­ta­tion Before It’s Too Late

Dam­ag­ing search engine sug­ges­tions can have a last­ing effect on a busi­ness. And the longer you wait to address the sit­u­a­tion, the more dif­fi­cult it becomes to fix it.

FreshRep­u­ta­tion can help you take con­trol of the prob­lem and remove that neg­a­tive mes­sag­ing. Devel­oped by the search engine opti­miza­tion (SEO) gurus at FreshRank­ings, FreshRep­u­ta­tion is a pro­pri­etary sys­tem that helps busi­nesses restore their brand rep­u­ta­tion by clean­ing up the “bad stuff” from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Our process:

FreshRep­u­ta­tion aggres­sively pro­motes pos­i­tive con­tent for your busi­ness online.

As we push more pos­i­tive con­tent, it shoots up higher in search engine results.

Bad” search results are out­weighed, bury­ing them deeper and deeper until they are removed from sight of peo­ple search­ing for you.

Now, when peo­ple search for your busi­ness, or other key­words related to your prod­ucts, they will only see the most rel­e­vant links (such as your com­pany web­site), and other results with pos­i­tive messaging.


You get a clean brand rep­u­ta­tion across all major search engines
Stronger SEO results in higher amounts of organic traf­fic to your web­site
Effec­tive clean-up of neg­a­tive tags that were dam­ag­ing your brand
Pos­i­tive con­tent rein­forces the per­cep­tion of your busi­ness hav­ing high lev­els of sat­is­fac­tion from oth­ers in the marketplace

Time frame
Once we cus­tomize our rep­u­ta­tion man­age­ment ser­vices for your busi­ness, we’ll put our strate­gies to work imme­di­ately. Within the first month, we can gen­er­ally gauge how aggres­sively we’ll need to push your cam­paigns. Key­words with higher fre­quen­cies of searches will of course require a more sub­stan­tial effort to clear up.

There is no way to make an exact pro­jec­tion due to the algo­rithms that search engines use to pro­duce their results. How­ever, we typ­i­cally see a sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence within the first three months.

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Don’t let neg­a­tive mes­sag­ing tar­nish your brand rep­u­ta­tion any fur­ther. Use FreshRep­u­ta­tion to iden­tify how your busi­ness is being hurt by neg­a­tive search engine sug­ges­tions, and take con­trol of the situation.

Our pro­pri­etary tech­nol­ogy has helped clients triple their prof­its with effec­tive Inter­net opti­miza­tion strate­gies. We’ll use the same pow­er­ful meth­ods to remove harm­ful search results, improve people’s per­cep­tion of your brand, and help you attract more customers.

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